Solo Projects

A good way to diagnose your own musical ability and share your ideas with others and is through the production of a feature length extended play (EP) album.  Nils Crusberg has produced a number of extensive recordings in which he takes on all the tasks of production including songwriting, arranging, singing and performing on all the instruments of every track, engineering, mixing, mastering, artwork design, promotion, etc.

In 1997, he began his first recording project with a Roland PMA-5 Sequencer and a Tascam 414 Portastudio. When this project was completed, he realized that he had left himself lots of room for improvement, and he looked forward to future recordings where he could express himself with more confidence.

In September of 2000 Nils released his second EP, which accurately displayed a more challenging and professional version of his material. In 2003 Nils entered the world of digital recording, and a year later he was finished with his third release “Drums, Guitars, Bass Lines, and Laid Back Rhymes”. He has since moved on to use a stand-alone recording system in combination with computer based editing to create recordings with his band Boom Lava

Scorched City Summer