Back in 2002, when Nils Crusberg began teaching guitar, bass, and saxophone lessons in Exeter, NH the Internet was still in its primitive years. At the time, there were limited online resources available for music instructors and students to obtain lesson plans from.

Nils always thought the traditional style of teaching, which typically has the student waiting patiently during his or her lesson while the teacher scribbles exercises on to a piece of paper or even worse spends the whole lesson transcribing a song for the student, was a waste of time. His lessons are only a half hour long, and time is of the essence, so Nils decided to custom make his own pre-written lesson plans that he could provide to his students. He spent the next five years organizing accurate edited lesson plans which outlined various coordination exercises, transcriptions of popular songs, sight reading drills, handouts that describe the music business or harmonics and overtones, etc.

Considering the lack of online availability of free lesson plans for music teachers and students, Nils decided to create a website devoted to this subject. In September of 2007, was launched. About a year and a half later, the entire selection of lesson plans that Nils created were made available thru the Download Lesson Plans and Virtual Drive pages of his website. He encourages others to access as much of this information as they want, and he especially recommends that other teachers who have created their own material to share it with others.

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