Using Reaper as a Multi-Track Loop Pedal

The honorary Kenny Gioia, who produces a vast selection of tutorials for the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) known as Reaper, posted a great video that describes how to use the program as a multi-track loop pedal. He explains how to set things up so you can move forward and continuously record new looped musical phrases using a single keystroke. I’ve created a written tutorial to help explain the process. My instructions are not a complete explanation (and neither is Kenny’s), as the user needs to understand some of the inner workings of the DAW in order to setup their interface etc. I connected my DigiTech RP255 to an ancient D420 Windows XP system and it runs like a dream, but not without some serious tweeking with the ASIO4ALL drivers etc. If that last sentence sounds confusing, than this might not be a simple process for you, but if you understand some of the basics of using Reaper or other DAW’s then my instructions might be helpful. As a note I do not monitor my performance as I record, in order to reduce latnecy, so that section of Kenny’s instructions are left out of my outline. You can find it at the link below.
Written Instructions:
Kenny’s Video Tutorial:

If you want something that serves the same function but might be a little easier to operate, you could try Ambiloop. It’s a great free piece of software for Windows that looks and sounds wonderful:

Super-Mega Easy Song to Play on Guitar

Brain Stew by Green Day has become a rock standard for the beginning guitarist.  Here’s a detailed tutorial to get you started on this recent classic.  Take it a step further by performing this song with power chords instead following the instructions provided and don’t forget to tune the music up a 1/2 step if you’re going to play along with a track from your collection.  Next lesson….. How to smash your gear!