Boom Lava

One of the ironic frustrations of being a musician is the frequent difficulty one has with finding other like-minded musicians.  Keep in mind that it takes years for a band to display a high level of aptitude, so the performers involved not only have to enjoy the style of music that they’re playing, but they also have to appreciate each others personalities and have similar intentions and aspirations.  Guitarists in general do not have the same drive as….. let’s say drummers have in joining or forming a musical group.  Why? Because guitarists can sit around without the company of others and create a semi-full sounding musical backdrop.  We must keep in mind that the majority of music that we listen to involves various instrumentation (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Etc.), so to fall back on the singer-songwriter performance denies the guitarist of his or her full potential.

Nils Crusberg often performs without accompaniment, but he also understands the reality of listening enjoyment, so his goals to perform with a group have always been a high priority.  His first band out of Worcester, MA “Pudding in a Cloud” was named such as a humorous statement marking the inter-racial reality of the band’s lineup.  When Nils moved to Boulder, CO he spent countless hours performing with “Red House” an experimentally stoned blue-rock outfit.  In Santa Cruz, CA he worked as a saxophonist/guitarist in the reggae band “We are One” headlined by Trinidadian band leader Ras Mo.  Upon moving to NH, Nils worked with the “Northwood Reggae Project” and with his co-workers at Exeter Music who performed a large selection of musical styles.  Nils learned a lot from his experience with these bands and decided it was time to organize a group of musicians who were interested in performing a modern blend of reggae, funk, and hip-hop to compliment his original compositions.

Dub Keys

“Boom Lava” saw its incarnation in the fall of 2006.  Considering that rural culture often defines New Hampshire, finding musicians who were interested in reggae, funk, and rap music was not an easy task.  Bassist Jon Cross had the musical interest to fill the void on the integral part of the instrumentation.  Nils carried the guitar, vocals, and saxophone.  Drummers have often come and gone thus providing us with solid evidence of the “Spinal Tap” theory: Drummers spontaneously combust.  As band members have expressed more and more commitment, the number of artists in the group has grown.  Boom Lava currently amounts to a total of six performers giving the music the potential for ultra-high energy when needed.

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