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Nils Crusberg was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts (MA) under the influence of overindulgent behavior and diligence.  During his youth, Nils’ musical interests were expressed in a limited fashion as he was often the key performer of dance and humor at annual family events.  Nils was raised on Disco, Country, and Hard Rock while growing up on college campuses during the unpredictable and turbulent times of the late 1970’s.  By the early 1980’s, he learned to accept New-Wave and other styles of music that MTV force fed to the American public.  As rap music pervaded into the suburban ghettos, Nils and his friends hosted local break dance contests and other events that “Parents Just Don’t Understand”.  At the age of 15, Nils was influenced by his cousin (Mike Crane), his uncle (Tom Wolfe), and the movie “Crossroads” to take up the guitar and learn the Blues.

Worcester, MA is the home of the Clemente Music Studio where Nils took weekly lessons from a locally renowned jazz instructor named Joe D’Angelo.  It was in this smoke filled room that Nils learned the complicated approaches and concepts that are applied to jazz music.  His education was of the caliber of any reputable university, but it was taught as it was originally invented: outside of the realm of the polished marble halls of higher education.  The scholastic education Nils received at the inner city public high school he attended was less than adequate, but it did help him gain a better understanding of poverty, violence, race relations, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, etc.

Nils moved to Colorado in 1990 and graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts in 1995.  During that time, he performed in the local rock/blues band “Red House” amongst others.  He also traveled to the slums of Mexico and Jamaica.  His trip to Jamaica and its Rastafarian culture permanently changed Nils’ perspective of the world.  He identified with their belief that we are all of one heart and mind sharing the same world.  Our souls are united; therefore you do not want to harm others, because when you harm others you are in reality disrespecting yourself.  Nils’ spirituality and his perspective on cultural issues as he experienced them in high school are predominant lyrical themes of his music.

Nobody becomes a talented musician without an extensive practice routine.  Nils began years of diligent work on his guitar, bass, and saxophone in 1997.  He constantly worked on performing, writing, and understanding music for a minimum of eight hours a day from 1997-2002.  He learned to play the alto saxophone and gained an enhanced confidence on the guitar and bass.  Nils spent these years on Cape Cod (MA), in Santa Cruz (CA), and in Boulder (CO).  He then moved to New Hampshire in 2000 and he currently performs with the Seacoasts premier funk/reggae band “Boom Lava” and teaches private lessons at the Exeter Music Store in downtown Exeter, NH. His schedule and more information regarding his teaching curriculum can be found at www.guitarstyles.org

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