Guitar Finger Exercises

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It is important to diversify your practice routine. It might be more fun to improve your skills by learning different songs, but songs usually don’t allow you to really examine a specific technique. It is not a bad idea to spend just as much time working thru tedious exercises on the guitar as you would spend working on songs that are enjoyable to play.

Chromatic Exercises can improve the control you have of your left and right hand. They are basically simple repetitive actions, so you don’t usually have to think much about what comes next. Therefore you can concentrate on your technique.

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Chromatic Exercises Outline

Chromatic Exercises have almost no musical value, so you shouldn’t be tempted to play them fast. They are not any more entertaining; no matter how fast you play them. Practice them slowly and on cue with a metronome. Focus on placing your right hand in the correct location (open or closed fist/planted on the bridge-pickguard or free floating).  Hold your pick with the proper method. Keep your fingers on your left hand arched and place them accurately against (not on top of) the actual metal fret closest to the soundhole or pickups on the guitar. Press with your fingertips, not the flat part of your finger. If you carefully practice these exercises on a regular basis your skills will improve and you will have an easier time learning things that are more fun such as songs or soloing.

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