Songs that Use Chords on the Guitar

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When you play more than one string at the same time on your guitar you are playing what is called a “chord”. Simple songs that use riffs are much easier than simple songs that use chords, so a dilemma I often encounter has to do with diagnosing when a student is ready to play chords. Young students often lack the hand strength and coordination to quickly grasp the technique and skills required for playing songs that use chords. Even the easiest songs that use chords are difficult for adults, let alone children. Depending on the student, it can be years before I even begin covering chords with them.It took me lots of trial and error to “discover” the easiest popular songs that use chords. To make these arrangements more fun to play, I encourage my students to obtain and play along with a recording of the material that we are covering. Many songs that use chords are not recognizable, unless a singer accompanies the guitar; so playing along with a recording of the song makes it easier for the student to identify what is being played. I change recordings of songs that are tuned down a half step to normal tuning with the use of software such as Guitar and Drum Trainer 2 – Beta Version. I also have my students buy a capo, considering that many of the artists who have written easy songs that use chords take advantage of the tone that capos provide.

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Easy Songs that Use Chords on the Guitar

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Virtual Drive – Popular Songs

Easy Songs that Use Open Chords
America – A Horse with No Name
Bob Dylan – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Bob Seeger – Turn the Page
Colbie Caillat – Magic
Four Non-Blondes – What’s Up
Howie Day – Collide
Johhny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
Lynrd Skynryd – Simple Man
Marshall Tucker Band – Can’t You See
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
Tom Petty – Breakdown
Tom Petty – Free Falling

Moderate Songs that Use Open Chords
Adam Sandler – Hanukka Song
Avril Lavigne – Nobody’s Home
Blind Melon – No Rain
Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth
Colbie Callait – Bubbly
Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
Green Day – Time of Your Life
Guns n’ Roses – Patience
Guns n’ Roses – Used to Love Her
Gary Jules – Mad World
Jimmy Buffet – Margaritaville
Jimmy Cliff – Over Rivers of Babylon
Neil Young – Heart of Gold
Oasis – Wonderwall
Pearl Jam – Black
Poison – Every Rose has its Thorn
Sugar Ray – Fly
Steve Miller – Joker
Van Morrison – And it Stoned Me
Wallflowers – Three Marlenas
Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London

Difficult Songs that Use Open Chords
Beatles – Back in the USSR
Beatles – Rocky Raccoon
Beatles – Twist and Shout
Bob Marley – Redemtion Song
Carly Simon – Anticipation
Cat Stevens – Father and Son
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon
Everlast – What It’s Like
Grateful Dead – Ripple
Green Day – Warning
Led Zeppelin – Tangerine
Lynyrd Skynryd – Sweet Home Alabama
Outkast – Hey Ya
Tim McGraw – Live Like You Were Dying
Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby McGee
Tom Petty – Running Down a Dream
Tom Petty – Yer So Bad
Woody Guthrie – This Land is Your Land